There is so much that goes behind a hit record that people don’t see, and most of the time, those individuals are the most pivotal pieces to the puzzle. 

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Insert Camper, the songwriter and producer who had the pleasure of spending three months in Saudi Arabia with Ye and Ty$ for the making of Vultures 1. The project peaked at the #1 spot on the Billboard 200 albums charts and remains there today.

Camper is best known for his work with some of the most well-respected names in the music industry, including Brandy, H.E.R., Jay Z, Big Sean, and more. Last year, Camper won a Grammy as Coco Jones’ “ICU” won Best R&B Performance. But the accolades don’t mean anything; Camper keeps on working.


The Source had the opportunity to chat with Camper about his involvement in the new Ye and Ty$ album, Vultures 1. The beauty lies in that all five songs he worked on for the project are charting on the Billboard Hot 100, which serves as a first throughout his entire career.

The SOURCE: So all five songs from that album are charting?

Camper: All five songs that I produced with Ye and Ty$ are on the Hot 100 charts right now as we speak. Including a song I produced with Kanye called “Talking,” featuring North West. Kanye West’s daughter. That’s her first time being charted on the Hot 100 charts, at #30. All the moments continue to go together.

How did you get back in with Ye?

With a phone call, his team reached out, and I was there. It was that simple because we already worked together when I was 20. A few years after that, I went to Hawaii with him to work with John Legend, Pusha T, Teyana Taylor, Rick Ross. We was all out there working together, so we always had a relationship. We was always cool. There were moments when I’d see him, then I haven’t seen him in 8 years after that. Then came back together and did this. A lot of growth with the both of us, but I’m happy we took time apart to come back together for a time like this. 

Were you producing or songwriting on the project?

Producing. Then on one of the songs, I’m singing. On “Stars.”

What’s the vibe in the studio for this project?

It’s amazing. It’s lessons man. He’s like Michael Jordan to me. He understands what it takes. He’s brave, he’s ambitious. He’s very passionate. I’m sitting right next to him soaking all the game up. I’m learning how to put it into what I’m doing, so it’s a great experience.

What was the biggest lesson you learned from this project?

Be yourself. Never fold. Never stop. Never settle either. Because now, he’s the biggest he’s ever been. Independently too. People counted him out, he bet on himself every time. That’s just that: staying true to who you are and believing in yourself. 

What’s your relationship with Ty$?

Amazing, he’s my brother. I love him to death. If you ask him about me, he’ll say the same thing. I love him so much, he’s a big brother to me. He’s there when I need them. We have a lot of music coming together. Even if we never did anything else again musically, he’s still one of my great brothers and I really appreciate it. Fire man, he’s my dawg.

What was the greatest memory from creating Vultures 1?

Ye would have the studio setup in a big ass suite. Big suite and speakers, we’re all there. Me, Ye, Ty$ next to me. North West beside Ye. We’re all sitting like we’re front row at the fucking runway show in Fashion Week. We’re watching movies, listening to songs. We’ll go to an amazing restaurant, then we’ll go out to the dunes. The dirt road, we’ll ride 4-wheelers in the dirt. 3am, 4am in the morning. We’ll go home and catch the Saudi Arabia breakfast. 

I forget the hotel we were staying at, but they had a fire breakfast. 6am every morning, the best scrambled eggs I’ve ever had in my life. Really all this stuff together, working on songs then stay up all night. Go to a private party, private event. We’ll chill, then we’ll catch the breakfast in the morning. Oh my God, amazing.

How long were you out there for?

Three months. 

That’s where the project was made? Saudi Arabia?

Well they started in Japan. They went to Italy. From Italy, went to Saudi Arabia. We were in Saudi Arabia, then moved to a city in Saudi Arabia called AlUla. We were there, that’s where all the mountains — it was nothing but dirt and tipis and tents. Just rocks. Big rock boulders. Aw man, the best way to see stars. I saw shooting stars every two minutes, it’s clear.

Why Saudi Arabia? 

I don’t know. I have no idea because we couldn’t smoke. We couldn’t drink. We couldn’t do anything. I was a purist out there. Couldn’t do anything, I’m like damn! 

Do you get a one way flight? You don’t know when you’re coming back?
Don’t know nothing.

What do you pack? 

Well, we had to wear black. That was the uniform [for Vultures]. That’s what he wants to do. He’s been doing that for a while now. I don’t know why, but that’s what he wants and that’s what we do. We’re at war, so we have to wear all black. I guess that’s the mentality he has. We outside. 

I know Kanye is your hero. Do you sit there like damn, how am I here? 

Yeah, gratitude. Yo, I can’t believe I’m here right now. But at the same time, I don’t really get too wrapped up in that because you gotta believe that you’re here. You got to. You pinch yourself from dreaming like alright well you’re about to get hurt. Because this is real, I’m here for a reason. I’m happy that I’m called upon to reason with you, to go there with you, to see your vision through and all of that. He’s counting on me, like I’m counting on him. That’s a beautiful understanding.

How is it celebrating the success of the project?

I haven’t yet. I’ve been working. My head is still down. I’m not even worrying about the success yet. Although I’m breaking records right now that I never did in my career myself personally, I’m still so focused on the next thing. I’m not even worried about that shit. 

You have over 20 Grammy nominations. Are you keeping count? 

No. [laughs] I’ma have some more next year.