Gap, the renowned American fashion brand, introduces its Spring 2024 campaign, spotlighting linen as the canvas for individual style expression. Embracing fashion, music, and dance, the campaign features GRAMMY® Award–winning artist Tyla and showcases Gap’s Linen Collection with seamless motion and effortless movement.

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Set to the worldwide hit “Back On 74” by the BRIT Award–nominated Jungle, the campaign’s original choreography by Shay Latukolan is directed by Jungle’s J Lloyd and Charlie Di Placido. Inspired by the track’s TikTok phenomenon, the campaign celebrates creativity and authenticity.

Tyla, the South African sensation, brings her Billboard Hot 100 hit “Water” to Gap’s campaign, aligning her unique style with Gap’s dedication to originality. Jungle, founded by childhood friends J Lloyd and Tom McFarland, adds their genre-blurring mix to the campaign.


“It’s an absolute honor to be in a Gap campaign – so many iconic artists have worked with Gap and I now get to be one of them,” said Tyla. “I’m excited for my fans to see me do a new type  of dance where I’m styled in comfortable clothes with my own personal touches. It was really fun – a true celebration of music, fashion and dance.” 

“Working with talent who embody the spirit of originality is not just a choice, but a commitment to our brand’s heritage,” said Mark Breitbard, Gap’s President and CEO. “This campaign pays homage to Gap’s iconic musical ads of the past while embracing the diverse voices and talents that shape our present and future. We continue to draw inspiration from artists who authentically express themselves, using Gap style to reflect their unique personalities.”

The Linen Collection offers iconic silhouettes in versatile linen fabrications, allowing for free-flowing movement and effortless style. Gap’s Spring 2024 campaign launches today across digital media, out-of-home, video, social, and brand channels, inspiring individuals to express their originality. Stay tuned for more updates and a Gap x Jungle x Tyla in-store playlist on Spotify.