Peter Rosenberg is not feeling Joe Budden’s decision to pod with Candace Owens. On Wednesday, Owens teased the conversation, writing, “It happened.”

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“So sick of the idea that conversations need to be had with bigots, trolls, and immoral a-holes,” Rosenberg wrote. “Exchanging ideas among smart good people is useful. Hearing a hateful hack babble on about hate is not worth anyone’s time.”

Just days after Budden expressed admiration for Owens’ work but questioned her willingness to engage with his show, the pair’s unexpected encounter has sparked widespread speculation online. While details of their meeting remain undisclosed, anticipation is mounting as fans eagerly await further updates on the collaboration between Owens and Budden, which is expected to make waves across social media platforms.

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Earlier this week, Candance Owens showed support for Beyoncé’s Country music. In the latest episode of The Candace Owens Podcast, Ownes details Queen Bey’s country history.

“Some people are saying that this is not very country,” Candace says. “I’m going to defend Beyoncé on that point because Beyoncé’s kind of always been country. She’s more country than Taylor Swift ever was for sure. Beyoncé is from Houston, Texas. She’s always had a twang… [Taylor Swift] put on a fake twang. Everyone was okay with it. You can’t say that Taylor Swift can do it, and Beyonce can’t.”