If you’re an artist working independently, and promoting music by yourself, keep reading. 

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The music industry is booming, with more than 100K new tracks released on platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music and other streaming services every day! That is an insane number!!

The music industry becomes quite crowded due to artists putting out fantastic music and vying for the audience’s attention.


In 2024, there are many options for independent artists to promote themselves and do the hard work without the need for a music label, using music submission services, social media platforms, Spotify ads, and other music promotional methods.

There are many music promotion sites that are offered to help artists promote their music in today’s music industry. Online music promotion services usually offer indie artists music promotion on Spotify playlists, Apple Music, Youtube music channels, targeted music blogs, social media, and TikTok music promotion.

The platform was built by Oren Sharon, a producer and songwriter who was struggling to promote his own music with little luck, and then he decided to build a platform that really helps artists get their music heard. 

I was spending one month creating a song and two more months just promoting it; that didn’t make any sense,” Sharon said.

It took Sharon two years to build the platform, and recently they’ve launched their TikTok music promotion service, which is a TikTok music submission to influencers with up to 4.5 million followers.

Submissions are done within your chosen music genre, and the pricing is tailored to your own budget, starting at $75 for popular music genres such as pop, rock, hip-hop, and electronic.
In other music genres, there is no minimum requirement at the moment.

Receive a Written Review from Every Music Curator

Every submission gets a review according to the website terms and conditions, and if the curators like your music, they will add it to their playlist, channel, or blog. There’s also a money-back guarantee if a curator fails to review your song.

Our goal is to help artist with great music get their musicpromoted easily,  so they dont have to spend too much timeoutside of the studioOur motto is that artists should beartists and not promoters.״ Sharon added. “With that being said, we can’t perform magic; it’s up to the artist to deliver a great written and produced song. If you’re thinking of testing your new demo with us, don’t! You’re wasting your money.

The website is an indie music promotion, and it is very pro-artist and has an extensive artist tips blog, such as how much does Spotify pay per stream, Spotify playlist submission guide, the 12 best ways to make money as a musician, and more. 

The quality of the artist’s music is the most important factor for success, If you’ve just released your demo and your not sure it’s your best work, One Submit might not be the music promotion service for you.

Factors to Consider When Promoting music 

When artists are trying to promote music, choosing any music promotion service, and trying to promote their music online, the most important thing that should be considered by artists is the authenticity of the playlists and channels offered by the service they’re using. A cheap music promotion can add your music to Spotify playlists, but are they real? Sadly, there are many music promotion companies that offer services that are not genuine and based on real listeners.

Most of the services out there are independent music promotions, and they are not affiliated with the big streaming companies.

Aspiring music artists should always be aware of and know how to recognize fake Spotify promotion services, separate organic music promotion services from bot-based services, and base their music marketing strategies after completing research and finding the best music promotion services for them. Read more about the best music promotion sites available in the market.

The Future Ahead

In the past couple of years, independent artists have seen many new opportunities for music marketing independently and without the help of a label, which usually takes a very big cut to their future earnings.

10 years ago, the music industry looked completely different for indie artists than it does today. TikTok alone has completely changed the industry, and it’s a massive opportunity for artists, without mentioning TikTok music, which is starting its service in a few countries around the world.

Other than that, as of 2024, Spotify has more than 574 million users around the globe, and millions of playlists. That’s real potential for independent artists.

With music promotion services like One Submit, it’s getting easier to get access to their playlists.

Now is a moment to advance your music career as an indie artist. If you’re willing to put in the effort, you can make it happen independently. Remember, it’s, like a marathon than a sprint and for artists it may take several years to see significant progress. So don’t forget to savor the journey, along the way.

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