The day has finally arrived: the Season 3 premiere of BMF is officially upon us!

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On Thursday, February 29th, the same evening the show was airing on Starz at midnight, the cast of BMF graced the red carpet premiere and screening in Los Angeles, California, celebrating the highly-anticipated return of the hit Starz drama series. In fact, BMF remains one of Starz’ most watched shows, and was even renewed for a Season 4 prior to the event. 

Lil Meech was the star of the evening (as well as the show), gracing the red carpet in an all black outfit and braids. Visible was the large BMF tattoo on his neck, reminding folks this is more than a show, this is his real life. 


His father, Big Meech, recently made headlines about being released from prison as soon as 2025. Meech shared the exciting news on his Instagram stories. Big Meech was sentenced for 30 years back in 2008.

The Source had the chance to speak with Lil Meech about his excitement for his father’s return home.

Your dad’s getting out soon? 

Yes yes. He just got granted the new two point reduction. I’m blessed and very thankful. 

What are you guys doing to do when he’s out?

Man I can’t wait, I don’t know. Hopefully we have the biggest party ever, but we definitely want to make up that time that we missed together. We missed a lot of time growing up. I miss my father man.

Man, he must be so proud of you. 

Thank you so much, I appreciate you Shirley.