Born in Fayetteville, North Carolina, Anwar’s artistic journey reflects a blend of cultures and experiences. While he originally hails from North Carolina, he also represents the DMV area and now splits his time between there and LA. This diverse upbringing, influenced by his father’s roots in Paterson, New Jersey, and his mother’s varied background spanning Fayetteville, Jamaica, and New York City, especially Harlem, has deeply shaped his musical perspective.

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For Anwar, being an artist is about more than just creating music. It’s a means of expressing one’s true self, both the visible and hidden aspects, to the world. He finds fulfillment in knowing that his art resonates with others and influences their outlook on life.

His artistic inspirations are a mix of old and new. While he still draws inspiration from legendary artists like Ice Cube, Tupac, and Nas, he is also inspired by contemporary artists who have diversified their careers. Figures like Ice Cube, Nas, 50 Cent, and Jay-Z, who have ventured into entrepreneurship and media ventures, serve as role models for Anwar as he navigates his own path.


Anwar’s musical journey began 11 years ago with the release of “The Golden Child Chronicles” album. However, it was his 2021 EP, “The Boom Bap Files,” produced by Trac-Qaeda, that marked a significant breakthrough in his career. He is currently working on a full-length album, set for release in March, which aims to further establish his presence in the music industry.

Beyond music, Anwar is a man of many talents and interests. He is deeply involved in entrepreneurial ventures, owning Nulogik Music Entertainment Group LLC. He is also exploring scriptwriting for TV and film, reflecting his broader creative ambitions. Anwar recently launched a sports media podcast called “Are We All in Agreement?!” with two friends from Washington DC, signaling his entry into the podcasting arena.

Anwar’s international background, including time spent in Germany and Italy during his formative years, has profoundly influenced his music. This diverse background has contributed to the eclectic and experimental nature of his music, attracting a diverse fan base with a significant international following. This global appeal motivates him to strengthen his presence in the domestic music scene.

Anwar’s approach to decision-making in both his music and business ventures reflects his belief in seeking diverse perspectives. He values the input of close friends like Dex Parham and Nevon, who provide honest feedback rather than telling him what he wants to hear. Additionally, he benefits from the industry insights of Cory Copeland and the creative vision of Jai Davis, whose successful venture, a comic about HBCU life called Some State University, adds depth to Anwar’s network. This collaborative approach underscores Anwar’s belief in the importance of having a trustworthy team and network to navigate the complexities of the music industry and entrepreneurial endeavors.

Looking ahead, Anwar is set to release an animated short film in December 2024, adding another dimension to his creative repertoire. With his multifaceted approach to artistry, Anwar continues to captivate audiences worldwide, bridging cultures and breaking barriers through his music and creative endeavors.