Lil Meech has a LOT to celebrate. Not only did Season 3 of BMF officially premiere, but he also found out some amazing news that his dad Big Meech might be coming home as soon as next year.

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The Source had the opportunity to chat with Lil Meech at the BMF premiere in Los Angeles, taking place at Hollywood Athletic Club. The entire cast was present for the highly-anticipated evening, including celebrity sightings from 2 Chainz, La La, DDG, Funny Marco, Kalan.FrFr, and more.

When asked about the moment he fell in love with Hip-Hop, Lil meech states, “When I started growing up and seeing how important Hip-Hop is to the culture. We love music, music is therapy. Music helps us get through our hard times and our problems. Our fun days and our  happy days. Music is needed for life. For people.”


The Detroit, Michigan native then shared some positive words of BMF show creator, 50 Cent.

“Ever since I met 50 Cent, he’s always been stand up. He’s probably the most truthful person I’ve ever met. Everything he tells me, he stands on it. That’s important in life: loyalty and morals. Actually meaning what you say. Ever since I’ve known him, he’s always meant when he says. Shout out 50 Cent.”

BMF Season 3 is now available to watch on Starz.