Pauline Malcolm-Thornton is making significant strides in the media industry, notably as the Chief Revenue Officer at Essence Ventures (“ESSENCE”). Her influence surpasses her eminent Instagram presence, portraying her not just as a fashion icon but as a dynamic force driving revenue and leaving a historic mark in media.

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Since joining ESSENCE two years ago, Pauline has overseen a remarkable revenue surge, establishing herself as a prominent figure. Her role includes leading Sales, Sales Development & Strategy, Account Management, and Sales Operations, demonstrating her diverse skill set and business awareness.

Before her tenure at ESSENCE, Pauline excelled as the Senior Vice President of Global Sales at BEN, where she led a team that doubled revenue annually. Her extensive background includes senior sales leadership roles at notable media companies like The Walt Disney Company, Conde Nast, and Quibi.


Pauline’s academic background, including a Bachelor of Business Administration Degree in Marketing and a Minor in Computer Science from Baruch College, alongside an Executive Management Certificate from Harvard Business School, has been pivotal in sculpting her success.

Apart from her professional features, Pauline actively contributes to philanthropy as a board member at the Cayton Museum in Los Angeles, focusing on her belief in giving back to the community as a crucial part of a rewarding career.

At ESSENCE, Pauline stands out not only as a fashion trendsetter but also as a pioneer in media and tech advertising sales. Her journey serves as an inspiration, especially for Black women exploring unconventional career paths. Her impact on revenue generation at ESSENCE and other firms emphasizes her remarkable leadership and business acumen.

Pauline resides in Los Angeles, CA, but her impactful work ethic resonates globally.

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