Bay Area-based multi-tasking entertainer Keldamuzik, also known as Diva, has made her mark in the entertainment industry. She is a music artist, actress, TV host, and producer who has recently been involved in several projects. Keldamuzik was recently seen in a movie called “First Date” by Manuel Crosby and is the host of her podcast “Diva Talk” on iHeartRadio. She has also relaunched her line of berets called Tamz. Previously, the line was called Tinks, but Disney’s trademark infringement led her to change the name. Keldamuzik’s Tamz berets are available exclusively on Amazon and are the perfect fashion statement for fall and winter.

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Keldamuzik’s acting career is also on the rise. She co-stars in the play “How Black Mothers Say I Love You,” directed by Tanika Baptiste and written by Trey Anthony. Additionally, Keldamuzik co-stars in a sizzle reel called “The Hodges” with popular comedian Mario Hodge, who frequently appears on Kevin Hart’s podcast, Gold Minds. She has also expanded her brand into different areas of the entertainment industry, such as producing films and hosting fashion shows. She also has a TV show titled “Diva Talk Tonite” which is on Tubi.

Keldamuzik was also involved in the co-management of rapper Kafani in the past. This collaboration led her to perform at shows with Kafani, Hyphy rapper Keak Da Sneak, and R&B singer Adrian Marcel. Interestingly, Keldamuzik and Kafani have recently released a new single titled “Mind Sex” which is currently in rotation on BET Jamz. While working with some of the Bay Area legends, she has also had her hands in booking legendary group The Luniz for events.


Keldamuzik has also been busy with her fashion shows and appearances on local podcast shows. She even traveled to Zurich, Switzerland, to meet with different fashion outlets and hosted an event during the Diwali season. Her latest pop and dance project, “The Diva Workout,” starring Candace Coogler (cousin of famous director Ryan Coogler of Black Panther), is available on all music outlets. 

Her future projects that are in the works are, launching her own non-profit organization called The Diva Outreach, which is sponsored by Man 2 Man located in Oakland, and she will be featuring in another film, “Inhumane” written and produced by Eye Opened Productions. The Diva has been making waves and is truly a force to be reckoned with in the entertainment industry.