The outspoken opinion of Joe Budden is once again making headlines. Joe stated on his podcast that he believes Cardi B is scared to drop her new album.

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The statement came while Joe and the crew were analyzing Cardi’s new freestyle “Like what?” and also detailing the “girl rapper wave is over.”

“Y’all ain’t gonna want to hear it from me, but the girl rapper wave is over. Just telling you what it is,” Budden said. “All of that ‘Go find a girl, send her to Columbia [for plastic surgery], get it done, put her in the studio with f–king Mike Will or any one of them n–gas.’ All that planting the girl in the scene, getting the record and it taking off, that wave is over.”


He then got a bit more pointed to Cardi B: “Cardi B is afraid and I’m tired of just nobody saying it. Cardi B is scared to come out, it don’t take this long to come out.”

Cardi B released a new freestyle and video, “Like What.” The single features a sample of Missy Elliott’s “She’s a Bitch.”

The video for the new banger brings a glamorous Cardi B in a bathing suit, with fur draped across her body.

Offset directs the video and teases more music to be released with a video closing “Stay Tuned” label.

You can dive into the video below.

But Joe isn’t the only person who thinks Cardi is worried about releasing a new album. Hitting Instagram, Offset praised the sophomore effort from his wife and delivered a sharp message.

“Stop being scary and drop the album, sh*t goes crazy,” Offset said.

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