My father loves it. He loves the way I portray his character. He loves the way my castmates are portraying their characters.”

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The highly-anticipated third season of 50 Cent’s hit series BMF premiered on Friday, March 1st. With the stage set in the early ’90s, we find Demetrius “Big Meech” Flenory Jr. setting his sights on conquering Atlanta’s drug realm while his brother Terry, a.k.a. Southwest T (Da’Vinchi), holds down the fort in Detroit, blissfully unaware of the storm brewing on his horizon.

Lil Meech describes his character as “fearless” this season. He added, “He leaves his hometown Detroit and goes to Atlanta. A whole new city meeting, a whole new set of people. He’s fearless and he gets what he wants, but he uses different tactics while doing it.” 


In an exclusive interview, the young actor shared his father’s thoughts on the way the show is portraying him, pointers from Big Meech

What’s the feedback like from your family, specifically from your dad about your onscreen performance? 

My father loves it. He loves the way I portray his character. He loves the way my castmates are portraying their characters. He loves the way the writers, the scripts. He doesn’t really have too much to complain about. He just tells me  what he thinks I can do better. But overall he loves the story. You know, all he ever wanted was people to know the real him and how he grew up and how he navigated through his life. STARZ is doing a great job helping him and the writers are doing an amazing job with portraying him in the light that he wants to be told in. So it’s  been an amazing experience. 

What’s some of the pointers that he gave you?

One of the main things that he always tells me  is the way that he deals with people. Like, he doesn’t, he always wants me to be on point with the way that I interact with different people in the story. Like the way that Meech interacts with his mom isn’t the same as him interacting with his sister or with his friends. You know, everybody he interacts with he talks with them differently, you know, and, and he always wanted people to understand the tactics and the charisma that he had. He never resorted to violence or yelled, you know, to get what he wanted. He always try to help people and bring people together so everybody can work together.  

You had the pleasure of working with Mo’nique last season, who portrayed Goldie. Can you describe your experience working with the Legend? 

That was my favorite person to work with. Monique was my favorite person ’cause I watched her films like Precious and other films where she has been amazing, you know, and it’s crazy to actually watch somebody and to be on set with them and to work next to them, you know? So I just love talking to her, you know, about her journey and, excuse me, and about how, how she, how she navigated through her life and, and, and being an actress, you know. And she helped me get through a lot of my days and, you know, help me understand things more clearly. ’cause she’s been in the business, you know, all her life. So it was very fun working with her.