Mallet London, renowned for its British luxury footwear, and The Smiley Company, an iconic symbol of positivity, have joined forces to launch their first collaborative capsule collection. The dream team just released their collection which introduces the Neptune style, infused with the vibrant spirit of Smiley.

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This collaboration marks a fusion of fashion and positivity, as Mallet London and Smiley aim to spread joy and encourage people to embrace a lighthearted approach to life. The Neptune silhouette, available in black and white variations for both men and women, embodies this philosophy with unique baubles integrated into the design, creating a playful interaction with each step.

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At the heart of the collaboration lies a shared ethos between the two brands. Mallet London’s Founder, Evren Ozka, expresses his excitement about partnering with Smiley, emphasizing the alignment of values centered around positivity and creating meaningful connections with consumers.

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The design team at Mallet London drew inspiration from childhood nostalgia, incorporating Smiley icons reminiscent of ball pits and pinball machines. The result is a whimsical yet stylish sneaker that incorporates Smiley’s signature motifs while staying true to Mallet’s sleek aesthetic.

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The attention to detail is evident throughout the collection, with Smiley slogans discreetly integrated into the design, inviting wearers to discover hidden messages that evoke smiles. Each pair of shoes is accompanied by a commemorative box, a Smiley branded keychain, and an exclusive Mallet jewel adorning the laces, further enhancing the unique charm of the collaboration.

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Callum Ruane, Head of Marketing at Mallet London, reflects on the collaborative process, describing it as a joyous campaign that seamlessly merges Smiley’s brand narrative with Mallet’s identity. The result is a collection that exudes positivity and resonates with consumers seeking not only stylish footwear but also a meaningful connection with the brands they support.

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Ross Wilson, Chief Product Officer – Fashion at The Smiley Company, praises the collaborative effort, highlighting the meticulous attention to detail that infuses fun and playfulness into every aspect of the Neptune collection. From the placement of Smiley icons dancing on the shoe’s bubble to the inclusion of hidden slogans, each element contributes to uplifting spirits and spreading smiles with every step.

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This exclusive capsule collection embodies the essence of Mallet London and The Smiley Company’s shared vision of positivity and creativity. With its unique blend of style and optimism, the Mallet & Smiley Neptune collection promises to captivate fashion enthusiasts and spread joy one step at a time.

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