Trevor Jackson is a man of many talents. Whether he’s acting or singing, the Indianapolis native is constantly on the move, a true creative in all aspects of the term. In fact, he started his own company called Born Art, reminding the world that you were born amazing. He states, “Everybody’s trying to be everybody else, know that you’re enough. You were born art.”

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Last week, Trevor Jackson hosted an intimate listening event in Los Angeles for his forthcoming EP titled Heads Up. The project is spearheaded by his current single of the same name, with the official “Heads Up” music video released just one week prior.

Taking place at a studio in Burbank, California, friends, family, and select media were present to share this exciting moment with Trevor. So what’s the new project inspired by? The exact artists he grew up listening to.


“Usher, Boys II Men, Jodeci, all these people,” Trevor explains. “That’s this project and what I want to represent, the days where people were singing their faces off, performing their faces off.”

The true definition of an R&B artist, Trevor also prides himself in his visuals. The “Heads Up” was inspired by Usher’s “You Make Me Wanna…”, even choreographing the video in 10 minutes alongside his friend Michael. 

In addition to playing new music, Trevor reminded us that two days after Christmas, he tore his Achilles.

“I had films I’m supposed to be doing action stuff in,” Trevor states. “I got tours I was planning, so I was in a really down, dark place. But right now, it’s my fourth day off the boot and I’m walking around. There’s a little lean to it, but it’s still a walk. I’m super grateful, this has been a humbling experience for me. I’m somebody who’s always on the go. Anybody that knows me is like ‘slow down Trevor. Take a breath, blah blah blah.’ So this forced me to appreciate the small things, which I think we should all do throughout our day. Remember that.”