Last year, Kanye West, formerly known as Kanye, made headlines with the launch of his Christian private school, Donda Academy. However, the institution faced setbacks and controversy, including lawsuits from former teachers. Now, as the school undergoes a rebranding, it aims to move forward with a renewed focus on basketball, choir, and dance.

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The Sun reports that despite the challenges, Donda Academy, now known as Donda Ray Academy, remains operational. The academy, named after Kanye’s parents, has shifted its location to a warehouse space in Chatsworth, San Fernando Valley.

The decision to rebrand and refocus the curriculum comes after a tumultuous period for the school. Multiple lawsuits were filed by former staff members, alleging bizarre practices and challenging conditions at Donda Academy. Despite these allegations, Kanye West remains committed to the students and the vision of the academy.


An insider shared with The U.S. Sun that Kanye’s determination to support the students never wavered, even in the face of adversity. Despite the rocky start, the rebranded Donda Ray Academy is moving forward with a fresh perspective.

Gregory Suhr, a lawyer representing Kanye West, has vehemently denied the allegations made by former teachers. He refutes claims that the school operated as a dystopian institution catering to Kanye’s idiosyncrasies. Allegations included claims of inadequate seating, serving only sushi to students, and the absence of windows due to Kanye’s preference.

As Donda Ray Academy enters this new chapter, it aims to provide students with a holistic educational experience that integrates sports and the arts. With a renewed focus on basketball, choir, and dance, the academy seeks to empower students through creative expression and athletic pursuits.


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