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Missouri-based hip hop artist Eric Cohen emerged from a turbulent past of poverty and addiction, discovering redemption through music. Facing personal struggles, he hit rock bottom until a transformative moment struck when he heard a radio beat. Overcoming faith and family challenges, Cohen found purpose in poetic expression, spreading hope, peace, and power through his music. Despite imperfections, he encourages listeners to trust in God’s unwavering support. Cohen perceives a universal rhythm and divine purpose, urging others to surrender to Jesus for a beautiful journey. His story emphasizes the transformative power of embracing one’s calling and finding light in the darkest moments. The beats that once resonated in despair now carry a message of resilience and redemption, inviting others to step into the rhythm of creation and embrace the beauty that emerges from life challenges.

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Full time as an independent hip hop artist for 12 years, T-Zank is known for his electric live performances, high level lyricism & melodic flow. Hitting #17 worldwide with his pop album “Treasure”, Zank stays persistent in his growth as an artist year to year. He has performed over 1300 live events across 10 U.S.& world tours in 14 different countries, rocking arena crowds as big as 10,000 in the process alongside acts such as Ludacris, Nelly, Ja Rule & Ashanti, & Kevin Gates. Amassing over 6 million listens across his entire catalog and building momentum consistently, Zank is in full motion currently, dropping a song every week for the last 8 months. T has also landed his music in over twenty major television shows & films, including Netflix hits The Upshaws & All American.

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(Derek Price Chaney) and Top Dolla (Trevor Zachery Smith) Grouped together the year 2012, and started their hip hop group Raw Royalty. Originally from Seattle WA Raw Royalty recorded the single “Real Talk”  in Fayetteville NC. Currently recording their first album “Masked Emotions” which should be available in 2024. Raw Royalty has been known for its diversity in lyrics and speed. D~Game is known for his witty freestyles and unique approach to his writing songs, and Top-Dolla gained his recognition from his ability to come up with catchy hooks. Together these two kings bring a raw sound inspired by some of our favorite artists: N9ne, Joyner Lucas, Polo G, King ISO, Mac Dre, and Rittz. Raw Royalty has shared the stage with a few of their favorites including Boosie Badazz, Tory Lanez, Stevie Stone, and many more. Raw Royalty offers a unique style of flow and delivery with every song. D~Game is currently working on his first solo Album “The Price Of D~Game” produced by Recession Proof ENT, this album will also be out in late 2024. Stay tuned for more music coming soon. You can follow on all social media, Raw royalty, or real raw royalty on all platforms.

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Hero Da Kyng

is an emerging breakout force in the music scene, crafting a path to success with his unique blend of Southern Rap style, fresh concepts, and meaningful lyrics. Hailing from the vibrant music scene of South Florida, he has captured the attention of audiences in Palm Beach, Broward, and Dade County with his electrifying stage performances. 

His journey continues in the studio, where Hero is working on his forthcoming album, ‘Influenced,’ featuring the lead singles ‘Wave Comin & Fly Away.’ With his current success, Hero Da Kyng is focused on becoming the next influential MC and composer emerging out of South Florida.

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Elion Virtuoso

a bilingual maestro whose beats resonate through the vibrant streets in English and Spanish. Renowned for weaving urban narratives into musical tapestries, Elion Virtuoso has not only etched his mark as a solo artist but has also garnered praise from industry heavyweights.

Kato on the Beat, a prominent figure in the music production realm, hails Elion Virtuoso as a “phenomenal songwriter,” acknowledging the lyrical prowess that sets them apart. Jada Kiss, an icon in the hip-hop scene, describes Elion Virtuoso as “unexpectedly dope,” recognizing the unique and unexpected twists within their musical journey.

Zaytoven, unable to resist the infectious beats, candidly admits to “not being able to stop bopping his head” while experiencing Elion Virtuoso’s music. This endorsement from a maestro like Zaytoven adds an extra layer of validation to Elion Virtuoso’s ability to captivate and innovate within the industry.

As anticipation builds for the release of “Elements” on February 9th, 2024, Elion Virtuoso’s musical journey is not just a personal triumph but a celebrated phenomenon in the eyes of industry peers. Get ready for a musical odyssey that has not only turned heads but has left an indelible mark on those who shape the very fabric of the music industry.

Elion Virtuoso – Elements

MoneyPrinter G

Hailing from the heart of Brockton, MA, MoneyPrinter G is a rapper who is swiftly carving a lane in the hip-hop scene. MoneyPrinter G has caught the attention of critics and fans alike, leading to features on prominent platforms like On The Radar, EarMilk, and iHeartRadio. As he gears up for the release of his breakout project, buzz is building around this artist’s raw talent and potential. Keep an eye out for MoneyPrinter G—he’s not just another rapper; he’s a force poised to take the industry by storm. Don’t miss out: follow his rise at

Hugh Lee

2x GRAMMYs nominated & 2x EMMYs nominated rapper/actor has set his mark early on 2024 with charting singles and viral podcast moments. His catchy singles and stunning visuals make it clear this is the year he will blow, definitely one to look out for in 2024.

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Austin Jay Arndt better known as YT is an extraordinary recovering addict, dad, husband, and rapper hailing from the heart of Rock Springs, Wyoming. With an unwavering commitment to mental health and the creative process, he has become a beacon of hope and inspiration for countless individuals worldwide.

Born and raised in the tight-knit community of Rock Springs, YT(Austin) faced his fair share of challenges from an early age. Battling addiction became a constant struggle, threatening to consume his life and tear apart his family. However, fueled by an unyielding determination to overcome his demons, he embarked on a remarkable journey of recovery that would change his life forever.

Through his music, YT (Austin) fearlessly confronts the stigma surrounding addiction and mental health, using his own experiences as a catalyst for change. His raw and honest lyrics serve as a powerful reminder that no one is alone in their struggles, and that there is always hope for a brighter tomorrow.

But YT’s impact extends far beyond his music. As a devoted husband and father, he understands the importance of fostering a supportive and understanding environment for those battling their own demons. Through his unwavering love and dedication, he has become a pillar of strength for his family, proving that redemption and transformation are possible for anyone willing to fight for it.

In addition to his personal journey, YT is a passionate advocate for mental health awareness. He tirelessly works to break down the barriers that prevent individuals from seeking help, encouraging open conversations and destigmatizing the topic. Through his platform, he has become a voice for those who have been silenced, reminding us all that our struggles do not define us.

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Leeroy Stoney

Houston based, Augusta born artist Leeroy Stoney isn’t your average rapper. With a blend of raw emotion, and atmospheric trap, his genre-bending spirit leaves listeners captivated. Leeroy’s music reflects an enigmatic background that flows with vulnerability and shifts between introspective trap bangers to rapid-fire bars of style and drip.

He’s a sonic alchemist that has garnered the support of fans and industry peers. Leeroy’s music feels deeply personal, and it offers a sonic escape that resonates and is undeniably relatable. With several singles and EP’s already gaining traction, and an EP coming in the second quarter of 2024, Leeroy is destined to show up on your radar sooner than later.

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KAYO Da Konspiracy

KAYO Da Konspiracy has been garnering traction as of late with his phenomenal album Cinema 6. The album has been getting a lot of praise over the last few months, for its stellar delivery and conceptualisation.

He’s managed to get a few cosigns from Houston Legends like Lil’ Flip all the way up to New York pioneers of the 90s, such as Keith Murray.

A 5 out of 5 if we were giving it a Mic rating! KAYO Da Konspiracy was raised in Houston, TX and has his mind set on bringing the authenticity of hip-hop back to the forefront. He mixes the lyricism of East Coast emcees of yesteryear with boom bap & down south drums and instrumentation to create a lane of his own.
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