On the most recent episode of It Is What It Is podcast, co-host Ma$e claimed that if he played in today’s NBA, he feels “like I could play against these n-ggas.”

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Making a very bold yet possibly realistic statement as a former high school b-ball standout, the former Bad Boy artist said after speaking about LeBron dropping 40,000 points in his career, “40,000 points is a remarkable feat. I just think it’s a cupcake league, for real. I think in this league today, if I was in top shape, I could probably average about 15, 16. I’m just keeping it real,” he chuckled. The former Manhattan Center shooting guard added, “When I ain’t make it in my generation, I felt like, yeah, it was a few n-ggas that was probably better than me. This generation? I feel like I could play against these n-ggas.”

Go to the 29:00 mark of the podcast to hear Ma$e’s commentary:


Ma$e even added his former teammate and co-host Camron to the convo, saying, “I think Killa, you coulda probably played 20 years against these n-ggas today. You woulda averaged probably about 18.”

Cam replied, “In my prime? Maybe. I’d have to work on my jump shot. They didn’t let us shoot jump shots. Crazy shit it, I had a great jump shot when I stopped playing basketball. When we played basketball, coach would almost want to assassinate you if shot a jump shot. You had to go to the basket.”