In celebration of Women’s History Month, Desolas Mezcal is proud to announce its collaboration with Congo Clothing Company, bringing together two Miami-based companies dedicated to empowering women and making a positive impact on communities. This partnership not only showcases the creative talents of both brands but also highlights their shared commitment to social responsibility.

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Desolas Mezcal, a female-founded and award-winning mezcal brand, has joined forces with Congo Clothing to support job training opportunities for women in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). Through sales of its new collection, Desolas Mezcal will directly contribute to 200 days of job training for women, helping them embark on a path to self-sufficiency and empowerment.

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The collaboration between Desolas Mezcal and Congo Clothing Company resulted in a collection of playful and elegant designs that reflect the unique identity of both brands. Inspired by Desolas’ dedication to craftsmanship and conscious creation, the collection features minimalistic designs that emphasize the beauty of the Salmiana Agave, the key ingredient in Desolas Mezcal.

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Crafting Desolas Mezcal is a patient and deliberate process, mirroring the intentional approach taken by Congo Clothing in their designs. Congo Clothing harnesses the power of fashion to support women survivors of sexual violence in the DRC, with ten percent of profits going directly to job training initiatives. Developed with support from MIT’s innovation ecosystem, Congo Clothing’s impact framework turns consumerism into a force for good, creating meaningful opportunities for women in need.

Milain Fayulu, Co-Founder and CEO of Congo Clothing Company, emphasizes the importance of meaningful collaborations with brands that value social impact. The partnership with Desolas Mezcal not only delivers stylish and high-quality products but also makes a quantifiable contribution to empowering women in the DRC.

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“Brand swag does not have to be boring or a replacement for pajamas,” says Fayulu. “We worked with Desolas to create pieces that reflect their brand and have strong design elements. This partnership captures the essence of Desolas Mezcal’s brand and commitment to social responsibility.”

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As we honor Women’s History Month, the collaboration between Desolas Mezcal and Congo Clothing Company serves as a powerful reminder of the impact that brands can have when they come together to support women’s empowerment and create positive change in communities around the world.

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