John Kwatakye-Atiko (JKA), born April 22nd, 1987 in Far Rockaway Queens New York, has reached a 20+ year career in the music industry. His early career included street-level promotions for Def Jam heavyweights like Jay-Z, Kanye West, and Ludacris, propelling him through Island Def Jam Records. JKA’s touch extended to landmark releases that shaped the 2000s sound, including Rihanna’s breakout albums Music of the Sun and Good Girl Gone Bad.

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But JKA didn’t stop there. For the past 10 years, he has developed, guided, and mentored independent and major artists on their careers. He founded Popular Demand Entertainment to empower independent artists, giving them the reach and resources often limited to major-label acts. The company now represents a significant force in music, film, television, soundtracks, and music licensing, with exciting projects in the pipeline for 2024.

John believes strongly in the future of independent music. “It’s the next frontier,” he says, “We’re seeing history repeat itself. Think of the impact of Berry Gordy’s Motown or Nat Robinson’s First Priority Music, home to legends like Milk Dee and MC Lyte. These executives carved their own path and made an unforgettable impact on the industry.” 


With two distribution projects set to launch this year. Industry buzz centers around DOPE, a music distribution platform he co-founded with Mathew “Vine” Burke. JKA’s vision for DOPE goes beyond simply dropping music onto streaming platforms; it’s a mentorship program. Unlike other distribution platforms that simply send your music to stores and offer little support, DOPE recognizes that many projects fail due to artists not understanding the industry. Artists will receive exclusive monthly content focused on the business of music, demystifying the release and marketing process.

JKA balances his business acumen with hands-on creative work, collaborating in the studio with artists like Chantae Vetrice and Lyrix the Writer, who are currently under development by Popular Demand. His track record speaks for itself – the man knows a hit in the making.

His independent spirit and knowledge is carving a path for indie artists to rival the impact of any major label. With DOPE set to launch, it’s clear the intent is to shake things up once again.

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