Mike Epps is known for his hilarious stand-up routines, but at one of his shows, the laughter was muffled by a disturbance in the crowd when a young woman had to be escorted out by security, but not before she took a good ribbing from Epps.

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Cell phone footage of the show reveals the woman yelling at Epps, “I’m not going nowhere.” When security approached the woman, she said, “You got my $300? You got my $300? Well, get the f*** on with your gay a**.” 

Epps laughed at the situation, telling the crowd, “She like Raven Symone; her little a** is feisty…I know you not about to f*ck my show up right here with your little ghetto a**.” 


When a man with her tried to step in, the comedian replied, “So what’s up n***a? Do something then. That n***a ain’t gone do s*** either. We’ll whoop the s*** out of that n***a right there. That’s the n***a you with? We’ll f*** him up.” 

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