About that Casino in Manhattan idea that’s been going on for a few years now … Well, the NY Post reports that Wynn Resorts and real estate giant Related Companies just unveiled some cool renderings for a proposed massive $12 billion complex the casino giant is hoping to build on the Hudson Yards, which is all but a graveyard for out-of-commission LIRR trains on Manhattan’s West Side.

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So check this out. The renderings were created by Related Companies, a real estate giant. They show an 80-story tower that will overlook the Hudson River and house a gaming facility and sprawling hotel. In addition, office buildings, apartment towers, and a 5.6-acre park would surround the casino skyscraper.

If the location comes to fruition, here’s how you could access it: Tourists strolling along the High Line know that a beautiful elevated public park around the proposed site could enter the resort between West 30th Street and 33rd Streets and 11th and 12 Avenues. 


The partnership would include the Oxford Properties Group and potentially provide 35,000 union construction jobs and 5,000 permanent careers in the resort, planners claim which would be an instant boost to the local economy.

“Hudson Yards has already proven to be an unparalleled catalyst for the New York economy, first through tens of thousands of construction jobs and now as home to the world’s leading companies, retail and housing,” from Jeff Blau, CEO of Related Companies. “Moving forward with the second phase of development presents an incredible opportunity to double the impact and provide generational benefits to the State, City, and especially our West Side neighbors.”

Blau also added: “We look forward to completing our vision for the neighborhood in partnership with Wynn Resorts and revealing full project plans as part of our application to New York State.”

Then Craig Billings, CEO of Wynn Resorts added, “As the leading designer, developer, and operator of premium gaming resorts in the world, Wynn New York City will attract luxury and aspirational travelers to our destination resort in Hudson Yards. Wynn guests consistently spend more when they travel.  That results in greater tax revenues for the city and state and more spending in the local community, all with less foot traffic than might be required at other resorts.”

So how much would this cost? Previous reports say the massive complex could add up to roughly $12 billion, including building costs on top of the rail yards. Pricey. So here’s how the state of New York is looking at new casino development. The state is considering up to three casino licenses in the downstate region, including New York City, Long Island, and northern suburbs. Then, the winning bidders have to cough up at least a $500 million license fee for the privilege of being able to run a casino in that market. There has been fierce competition over the casino licenses.

In Queens, NY, the NY Post reports Steve Cohen, the owner of the New York Mets, proposed a “$8 billion gaming center, hotel, and music venue near Citi Field,” which he calls “Metropolitan Park.” There’s a name if you ever heard one. 

The current property surrounding the potential site for a future gaming complex is now home to Flushing Corona Park, the U.S. Open Tennis Center, and even a planned soccer stadium for the New York City Football Club. Let’s partially thank Messi for making MLS popular in the States! Anywho, Mayor Eric Adams backs Cohen’s Flushing project. There is a lot to consider all around, with big bucks behind it all. 

Here are the renderings that were dropped on the NY Post for the proposed Hudson Yards project.