Mike Tyson has posted a video of a recent gym session, and those hands do NOT look like they belong to a 57-year-old. In fact, Tyson looks to be in better shape than most boxers.

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Tyson showed off the video hitting the gloves of his coach Rafael Cordeiro, and yeah, good luck, Jake Paul.

BetUS.com, a pioneer in online sports betting, is the first sportsbook to accept bets on the highly anticipated Mike Tyson vs. Jake Paul fight, scheduled to stream exclusively on Netflix on Saturday, July 20th.


The initial odds, released on Thursday (March 7) at noon EST, favor Jake Paul at -300, with Mike Tyson as a +225 underdog. These odds are subject to change as more betting action is received leading up to the fight.

Mike Tyson, an icon in the boxing world, is returning to the ring to face an opponent unlike any he’s encountered before. Jake Paul, known for his undefeated record and ability to capture the public’s attention, represents a new breed of fighters who have gained fame through their success on digital platforms.

The financial implications of the fight are staggering, with projections estimating that it could generate over $300 million in revenue for the parties involved.

According to a BetUS spokesperson, the company anticipates that the Tyson vs. Paul fight will attract significant betting interest, making it one of the most heavily wagered-on boxing matches in recent memory.

“This bout is more than just a fight; it’s a cultural phenomenon that bridges generations, merging the appeal of a time-honored sport with the dynamism of modern-day celebrity. With Tyson’s historic reputation and Paul’s meteoric rise in the boxing world, this event promises not only an explosive clash but also a significant moment in the evolution of boxing as entertainment,” says Tim Williams, director of public relations for BetUS.

You can learn more about the super fight here.