Innovative Texas rapper Tago explores the many experimental sides of hip-hop with his latest single, “D.A.M.N,” released on February 29th. This unique artist and self-taught producer showcases his raw talent and storytelling skills with an inspirational anthem of strength through struggle. With old-school elements and electronic energy, “D.A.M.N” is a melody for anyone struggling to find their purpose that will lead them to the right path in life.

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Setting the stage for a stylish song, the intro of the single has a futuristic feel that leads into the catchy retro beat, reminiscent of feel-good raps of the 90s. Tago’s smooth Southern flow is sure to impress fans of the genre with his unique inflections and a spoken word outro. “D.A.M.N” isn’t afraid to get honest and vulnerable to spotlight autobiographical lyrics with attitude.

This uplifting track features many lines that speak a message to the listener through Tago’s own prophetic words, especially in the catchy hook. “Damn, I think I cried too many times,” the rapper explains of his past struggle before becoming the artist he is today. The happy ending to this story emerges a few bars later with a message for the fans, “I hope you try along as I right the wrongs on this song, pushing all the blessings on.”


What makes this single truly stand out is the merging of genres with gritty Southern rap and a clean production value one would find on the top hip-hop charts. Overall, “D.A.M.N” is a breath of fresh air as a positive track in a world of self-deprecating independent rap. Chock full of attitude and intelligence, this single puts Tago on the map as an intriguing artist and one to look out for. Listeners can expect more wisdom from the stylish rapper in the future with his incomparable talent and unyielding drive for success.

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