Five years have passed since the tragic shooting of rapper Nipsey Hussle outside his Los Angeles clothing store, a moment that sent shockwaves through the music industry and beyond. While his legacy continues to inspire millions, the legal aftermath of his untimely death has been a complex journey, with recent developments shedding light on the ongoing struggles faced by his family.

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According to reports from Radar Online, a recent ruling by a Los Angeles Superior Court judge has finally cleared the path for Nipsey Hussle’s children to receive their rightful inheritance from his estate. This decision came after the judge dismissed a creditor’s attempt to delay the estate’s closure, ensuring that Nipsey’s offspring are set to receive their first inheritance check.

The creditor in question, songwriter Tasleema Yasin, had filed a motion to keep the case open, citing an alleged debt owed to her by Nipsey Hussle’s estate. Yasin claimed unpaid royalties for her work on the track “Hussle & Motivation,” which was released before the rapper’s tragic death. Despite her efforts, the court denied Yasin’s plea, emphasizing the need for a fair and just resolution while suggesting she pursue action against another party involved in the dispute.


Nipsey Hussle’s brother, Sam, opposed Yasin’s request, arguing that she had previously reached a settlement with All in Money LLC regarding the alleged debt. Sam maintained that Yasin’s claims should be directed toward this entity rather than Nipsey’s estate. Ultimately, the judge found insufficient evidence to support Yasin’s case, granting approval for the final report and paving the way for inheritance payments to Nipsey’s children.

Amidst the legal proceedings, Nipsey Hussle’s family continues to struggle with other challenges, including a custody battle over his 15-year-old daughter, Emani. Despite the bitter dispute, the court has appointed Nipsey’s relatives as co-guardians of Emani’s finances, ensuring her well-being alongside her brother, Kross.

The significance of Nipsey Hussle’s estate cannot be understated, with assets valued at approximately $11 million. As a result of the recent ruling, his children are poised to inherit a substantial portion, with Emani and Kross expected to receive around $5 million, alongside ongoing annual payments from the estate.

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