NBA star LeBron James recently launched his new Mind The Game podcast with JJ Reddick, which led Draymond Green to say that he had “a bone to pick” with James. Draymond stated, “I’m a little upset that LeBron James is going on a podcast, and he still hasn’t been on ‘The Draymond Green Show.’ But when it’s your own thing, you kind of can’t say anything, so I guess I’ll live with it for now. Pick the bone with him that I got to pick with him later.” 

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Cam’ron and Mase, the hosts of the It Is What It Is sports podcast, reacted to Green’s statement. Cam’ron compared it to artists signing to Roc Nation and thinking they’re getting a verse from Jay-Z. Cam’ron and Mase laughed at the thought, with Cam adding that artists will get the Paper Planes hat and a “vintage pair of S. Dots.”