Two years ago, the public eye turned to Kevin Hunter Jr., the son of former daytime talk show host Wendy Williams, when he faced eviction from his Miami apartment. This eviction came amidst his mother’s financial guardianship by Wells Fargo Bank, leading to a cutoff in financial support for Kevin due to his decision to drop out of college. Recent reports from The Sun shed light on Kevin’s ongoing economic challenges, revealing a near-eviction scare just last month.

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According to The Sun‘s exclusive report, Kevin Hunter Jr. was on the brink of eviction again in February. The timing was particularly striking, as it coincided with the airing of a Lifetime docuseries in which Kevin shared his experience of being cut off from his mother’s finances after her placement in guardianship. This docuseries, on which Kevin served as an executive producer, brought attention to his struggles, including financial instability.

The details of Kevin’s recent eviction notice paint a picture of mounting financial pressure. On February 26, his apartment building served him with an eviction notice, citing non-payment of rent. Allegedly, Kevin had failed to pay February’s rent, amounting to $4,317.08, despite his monthly rent being $3,731 as per the lease agreement. This situation followed a three-day notice of non-payment issued to Kevin on February 6, indicating a pattern of financial strain.


Fortunately, by March 5, Kevin managed to resolve the matter, as the building’s attorney filed a notice to dismiss the eviction case. However, this incident adds to a series of financial setbacks Kevin has faced, including a previous eviction from a luxury apartment in Miami in 2022.

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