Author of “Squares In My Circle”, the hot new novel by Keisha M. Tarver has more in common with her main character “Boss Lady” than one would think. Following her career, is seeing her flow into a successful career in academia to an expansion into the creative field. Her intimate knowledge as a strong woman of color and LGBTQ+ icon in the making, contributed to the development of the novel. Keisha’s passion for music, as she is also a writer to a Hip-Hop blog, is nothing short of charming when reading the novel.

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Tarver got her start at creative writing when she was just a teen in highschool. She won a copious amount of awards for the poetry and short stories that she has also penned. Keisha flourished in the academia world, creating structured and well-organized documents. She specialized in research, universal laws, and upward mobility before deciding she needed to try her hand at something different yet familiar. 

Finding herself succumbing to a tedious environment, she opted to turn the mundane into something magical by authoring a short story. After collecting an overwhelmingly supportive response, she turned the short story into a book that became “Squares In My Circle”.  The book details a woman who has it all but has to decide whether she wants to adopt a traditional lifestyle or keep letting her fun flag fly! “Boss Lady” is inspired by choosing what is good to you and what is good for you.


True love is the only thing that has escaped “Boss Lady” and her money-making clutches. Tarver integrated her life’s experience as an LGBTQ+ entrepreneur and woman of color into the novel’s development. She has expressed that she grew tiresome of LGBTQ+ women being shown as one-dimensional conduits of the main character’s fantasy. With giving her character options, she gave women the comfortability to see that they can have options in their actual lives as well.

In “Squares In My Circle”, Keisha starts her chapters off with an inspirational hip-hop quote. She has been inspired by the genre as well as R&B and Afrobeats. While reading about “Boss Lady” and her adventures, readers bear witness to her playlist that she leaves playfully scattered along the pages. Though names and titles have been changed, her love for music and the author’s love for music shows beautifully.

Tarver hopes to reach any community that needs support through “Squares In My Circle”. She is hoping a connection will be made among those who feel that they do not fit in anywhere, as she felt at one time. The writer hopes for a future where gender inequality and a decrease in judgemental attitudes will walk into society. In the meantime, we have our very own “Boss Lady” to show us how successful we can be, when we refuse to take no as an answer.“Squares In My Circle” can be found on Amazon and Barnes & Noble websites. Follow the author on Instagram, TikTok, and Threads @lowkeyinlosangeles.

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