Shawn Meaike, Entrepreneur and Founder of One Punch Media and host of the Close and Conquer Podcast, hasn’t always built billion-dollar companies. As a child, he discovered a love for baseball. However, it wasn’t just a game to Shawn—it was a lifeline that offered him a path to college and a vision of helping to make his community a better place.

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His decision to seek an education in social work was a calling that deeply resonated with him. His dedication to helping abused children over the fourteen years of his social work career wasn’t simply about offering aid but nurturing hope in the darkest places. He says, “Every child I worked with taught me something new about strength and hope.”

During his time in social work, Shawn also ventured into the real estate business, recalling that he “was looking for stability but found [his] entrepreneurial spirit instead.” His path was initially meant to provide financial stability through property management and house building, but it eventually became an unyielding passion for understanding business dynamics.


In 2013, Shawn’s experiences led him to found an insurance company whose skyward rise from $12 million to a billion dollars in sales became a reflection of Shawn’s belief in power and growth.

Shawn didn’t stop here, however. He expanded his horizons in business by founding Punch Media, where, as the CEO, he provides resources on everything from sales training to navigating the intricacies of multi-level marketing. His website, Punch Me in the Face Media, features a directory to not only his podcast, where he talks about everything from current events to politics and sports but also his YouTube series called “Millionaire Maker,” where participants compete for the chance to have Shawn as their business leadership coach. Each of the industries he has ventured into has ultimately taught him the universal value of storytelling and connection.

“Seeing someone realize their own potential is the greatest reward,” he says.

Of course, Shawn’s path to success hasn’t been without its hurdles. After battling drug and alcohol addiction, he is proud to say that he is over 23 years sober, a feat he states wasn’t just about “giving something up; it was about getting my life back.”

Shawn’s mission to redesign the way the world operates has led to him becoming an active advocate and sponsor of the Dream Center in Los Angeles, California, as well as the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

From grassroots beginnings to unimaginable ventures and successes in life insurance, real estate, and media, Shawn’s story is not just one of financial success but of vulnerability and resilience. His successes have reinforced his belief that anyone can achieve greatness with the right mindset and support.

“Looking back on my journey, I see a path lit by challenges that turned into opportunities,” he says, “and struggles that shaped my purpose.”

Shawn believes that the greatest victories in life lie in helping others, lifting them up, and forging, then walking upon roads where none seem to exist. His story is a testament to the idea that pursuing one’s goals can ultimately make one’s dreams and the futures that are a part of them a reality.

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Shawn Grant is a Chicago native and the Senior Editor of The Source Magazine. He can only be found on Instagram and Twitter at @shawnxgrant.

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