Jordan World of Flight (WOF) will debut in China with the grand opening of its Beijing Sanlitun store on March 23. The store, which will occupy a sprawling 1,000 square meters across four stories, promises to be a beacon for basketball enthusiasts and streetwear aficionados alike.

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Nestled in the vibrant Sanlitun area of Beijing’s Chaoyang District, WOF Beijing Sanlitun boasts exclusive access to Jordan Brand’s finest streetwear and performance gear. The store offers a wide array of products and unique experiences, including convenient pick-up services, customizable items, and member-only events.

“Jordan Brand has always shared a special relationship with China,” says Sarah Mensah, President, Jordan Brand. “China’s love for the game of basketball runs deep, and we’re thrilled to open Jordan World of Flight Beijing Sanlitun as our pinnacle expression of basketball culture and Jordan Brand at retail. Jordan World of Flight stores worldwide including Milan, Tokyo and Seoul are being embraced by consumers and we are excited to extend this innovative retail concept to our consumers in China. The unveiling of Jordan World of Flight Beijing Sanlitun is a pivotal moment for Jordan’s global strategy, signaling a new chapter for the Brand’s expansion and innovation in China furthering the Brand’s international presence.”


A key highlight of the store is the Wings Collection, a pinnacle of luxury streetwear curated by Jordan Brand. Available for purchase nationwide, this collection epitomizes exclusivity and style.

The store’s design pays homage to Jordan Brand’s legacy and Chinese culture. From incorporating local architectural elements like the iconic 京砖 flooring of the Forbidden City to showcasing the brand’s history through art installations, WOF Beijing Sanlitun immerses visitors in a rich tapestry of basketball heritage.

Moreover, the store engages local artists to infuse their creativity into its ambiance and product offerings. The Jordan Local Artist series, featuring collaborations with Chinese street artists, adds a contemporary flair to the brand’s lineup.

With its premium lounge, The Workshop for personalized customization, and a commitment to fostering community among basketball enthusiasts, Jordan WOF Beijing Sanlitun aims to redefine the retail experience for sneakerheads and sports fans.

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