In his hush money criminal case, Donald Trump appeared at a New York criminal court for a pre-trial hearing. Let’s get to it. The hearing is set to discuss discovery issues that contributed to the delay of starting this criminal trial until at least April. Trump’s lawyers have asked for further delay or dismissal of the case. The latter is unlikely, while the former has been a strategy across all of Trump’s cases … delay, delay, delay. 

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Of course, when he entered the hearing, Trump said the case was a “hoax,” a word he likes to use to categorize most charges against him.

Cameras are not allowed in the courtroom but in the courthouse’s hallway. In the past, Trump has used the opportunity to rant to the media about his appearances. And yes, he’s expected to make more remarks after the hearing.


But get this: the hush money criminal case hearing is happening on the same day as Trump`s deadline to secure a bond while he appeals a $464 million civil fraud decision by Judge Arthur Engoron after losing a civil trial along with his adult sons, Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump, and the Trump Organization. Trump had until the end of the day Monday to post a bond, which is over half a billion dollars when you include interest, but as of 11:30 am Monday, the New York Appeals Court allowed Trump to post a smaller bond of $175M within ten days in a civil fraud case.

Trump has been posting on Truth Social—that’s actually the name of his social media platform; insert laughing emoji—that he nearly has the dough to post bond. But now it looks like he has to post only the 175 million, and if he can’t in 10 days, then the New York attorney general can start the process of seizing Trump’s assets to satisfy his obligation to the state after losing the fraud trial.