Jeff Aronson, co-founder of the newly-launched at-home hair coloring brand Rewind It 10, has joined forces with his wife Carolyn Aronson and hip-hop icon Fat Joe.

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Rewind It 10 offers high-quality, professional-grade Italian formulas for men seeking salon-quality results conveniently at home or at their local barber. The product is now available online at and Sally Beauty US stores.

To amplify their brand, Jeff, Joe, and Carolyn enlisted celebrity ambassadors, including Travis Kelce, DJ Khaled, R&B singer Tank, and model Tyson Beckford. These ambassadors will appear at Sally Beauty stores nationwide.


The brand’s two product lines for hair and facial hair come in four colors, providing ammonia-free solutions enriched with aloe vera and essential oils for hydration and nourishment. With pigmented results in just five minutes, Rewind It 10 promises to rejuvenate your look, making you appear a decade younger.

Speaking with The Source, Jeff Aronson details the launch of Rewind It 10, his partnerships, and more.

Rewind It 10 Fat Joe
Rewind It 10 Fat Joe

Congratulations on the launch of Rewind It 10! Could you share with us what inspired the creation of this at-home beard and hair coloring brand? 

Approximately six years ago, Joe approached Carolyn and I about the idea for the brand. At first, we just felt like the timing wasn’t right yet. Joe, who has been a user of hair coloring products for about 25 years, really wanted to put his own spin on it. Over the years, we continued to have discussions and finally sat down four years ago to get serious about starting the process. At the time, a shift in men’s grooming started to happen. This pushed us to get in front of the curve to reimagine home hair coloring for men. The marketplace only had one major player and the product had quality issues. We noticed the shades didn’t always match the color described on the box. This further motivated us to create the highest quality product possible, and a brand our generation could relate to. Fast forward a few years later, the Rewind It 10 concept was born. At the beginning of our brand journey, Carolyn would travel non-stop to Italy to work on the formulas. We probably created about 300 iterations until we were finally satisfied with the formulation for our product.  

Rewind x Fat Joe Box Beard Light Brown Box copy 1
Rewind x Fat Joe Box Beard Light Brown Box copy 1

Partnering with beauty mogul Carolyn Aronson and rapper Fat Joe is quite an interesting collaboration. How did this partnership come about, and what unique perspectives did each of you bring to the table? 

We all bring a high level of expertise from our respective industries. Joe has a tremendous amount of celebrity cachet and a brilliant marketing mind. Carolyn’s a mogul and probably one of the most esteemed names in the beauty industry. Her journey from starting out as a hairdresser and salon owner, to becoming a hair care products manufacturer is quite impressive. She has touched thousands of heads of hair and knew exactly what to do to create the most amazing professional hair color ever done. On my side, I have the business background, negotiation skills and the marketing knowledge to assist in presenting an affordable, high-grade product to consumers while creating the best margins for Rewind It 10.

Could you tell us more about the formulation process behind Rewind It 10? What sets it apart from other at-home hair coloring products on the market? 

One of our goals for consumers who experience the Rewind It 10 brand was to ensure that customers had all the tools they needed to successfully complete their hair coloring process at home. The product includes a full kit inside of the boxes from gloves to stain remover and perfect applicators. In the beard box, there’s a brush, and everything you would possibly need to get the easiest experience for the best possible price. Throughout our visits to Italy to create the formulation, we also paid very close attention to the type of ingredients we utilized in our products. We wanted an ammonia-free product, which was especially important to us because a lot of people have skin sensitivities and skin allergies. We wanted to get the ammonia out of the product, so it would be a lot less harsh on the skin and the scent be similar to a good smelling conditioner when it’s on. Some of the quality ingredients we wanted to incorporate instead were meadowfoam seed oil, macadamia seed oil and aloe vera to encourage a better overall experience and feeling on the face. It really is the perfect professional level beard and hair coloring brand at home.  

It’s fascinating to see the lineup of celebrity ambassadors for Rewind It 10. How did you go about selecting these individuals, and what role do you see them playing in promoting the brand? 

We came out with the shades that we wanted to start with and then Joe began diligently setting up meetings with friends of his. It is an immensely celebrity driven brand, but none of these celebrities were cut a check to be on the box. Every one of them is on the box because they’re a product of this product. They own their own box and receive a royalty off every box that is sold with their image. They use it, love it, and own their own boxes.  This is a long-term commitment, and you can see by the way each guy posts about the brand all the time. Everyone is doing this because they believe in the product. You’ll see some of the most famous faces on the planet and some of the best-looking men in history on our boxes. Tyson Beckford said numerous times, that Rewind It 10 is the only product for him. That means so much more than just being a face on the box. It’s clear that this is a way of life for him, and he wanted to share that with others.  

The idea of achieving salon-quality results from the comfort of one’s home or local barber is appealing. How do you envision Rewind It 10 changing the grooming routines of men everywhere? 

The whole goal of Rewind It 10 has been to break the stigma about men’s hair color. If your partner is able to do things to make themselves look better, why shouldn’t we as men have that same opportunity? Joe and I are also around the same age, and it was a priority to create a brand that people in our age bracket could relate to for this same reason. I remember men used to go to the pharmacy in the middle of the night and they would shove a hair coloring product under their armpit and run to the register. It was almost like their dirty little secret, but there’s no reason for it to be a shameful experience. Why look 53 when you could look 40? The better you look, the more confident you feel, the better you become – that’s what we stand on. 

Looking ahead, what are your plans for the future of Rewind It 10? Are there any upcoming products or initiatives that you’re particularly excited about? 

We are expanding the Rewind It 10 product line, which is exciting! This will include introducing a new medium brown shade. We had a dark brown and light brown, so we’re coming out with the medium brown shade to have a color in-between. We’re also launching a new natural black shade that will be between the dark brown and jet-black colors. Lastly, we are working on debuting new shades for the beard touch up products as well, which will be coming out hopefully by the end of this year. Stay updated with the latest on Rewind It 10 via our website