Grammy-winning artist Grace Weber has joined forces with R&B outlet They Have The Range to unveil their breakthrough collaboration steeped in pure 90’s R&B bliss.

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Weber’s vocal prowess, combined with They Have The Range founder Branford Jones’ artistic evolution, creates an infectious blend of soulful R&B on their latest collaboration. Co-writer Kevin Michael, alongside Jones, built upon the original foundation of “Do4Me,” crafting a new intro and bridge, marking the first remix They Have The Range has created for any artist.

Backed by sultry production from industry titan MyGuyMars, with co-production from superstar duo Mike & Keys and keys from Roots legend James Posyer, Weber’s dynamic vocals and showstopping performance solidify “Do4Me (They Have The Range Remix)” as a standout chapter in the songstress’ catalog and a historical debut for They Have The Range.