Ever since the raid on Diddy’s L.A. and Miami homes by Homeland Security in a sex trafficking investigation, 50 Cent has been on a roll in trolling the Bad Boy mogul during his legal woes. Still, now he’s turned the scope to former Bad Boy producer and reality star Stevie J and he’s made it clear that he’s not with the sh*ts.

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After it was reported that Rodney “Lil Rod” Jones Jr. filed a lawsuit last month against Diddy where he claims the mogul forced him to have sex with male prostitutes, he named producer Stevie J in the suit. He even had photos that were allegedly “screenshots of the video of Stevie J anally penetrating a Caucasian male that Mr. Combs provided to Mr. Jones.”

Even with porn star D’Angelo Marquis admitting that it was him in the photos, Fif still decided to take it to Stevie on IG. “whoa say it ain’t so @hitmansteviej_1 WTF, this shit is a mess,” read his caption under screenshots of the transcriptions from the lawsuit.


In the comments, the producer replied, “Get ya money Curtis we know this entertainment but ain’t no truth to dat!” He then replied to a fan and added, “n-gga must be ready to meet his maker,” before making a video telling Fif he wants all the smoke.

“Curtis what’s good, man? You in your feelings about Daphne because she with the gang now? Or is that you sucking Lil Rod dick? However it go, I wanna shoot the fade n-gga. Fuck all that. Since it’s entertainment, let me beat the shit out of you on TV or something. Don’t duck that. I’m calling you out. What you wanna do, Curtis? Curtisss!”