On March 30, 1993, cousins Fredro Starr and Sticky Fingaz and their partners Sonny Seeza and Big DS put out their debut album, Bacdafucup, on the newly created Rush Associated Labels.

Primarily produced by the group’s founder, Jam Master Jay, other production credits include The Afros’ Kool Tee, Chryskillz, and a then-young producer named Jeff Harris; Bacdafucup was by far Onyx’s best studio LP, becoming certified platinum by the RIAA just a little over seven months after its debut.

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The album’s sure-shot singles include the riot-causing “Throw Ya Gunz,” the horn-propelled “Shiftee,” and, of course, the mainstream favorite of all, “Slam.”

Onyx claimed fame with their trademark “mad face,” bald heads, and all-black everything. Many copycats came after these guys, but their mark on the game is unparalleled—salute to Fredro, Sticky, Seez, and a big RIP to DS.