Building a remote brand with a global reach is an art and a science, requiring a blend of innovation. From finding the right team members to building a successful business, advancement demands innovation, strategy, and a deep understanding of the digital world. The leaders at Growth Skills, a million-dollar global consultancy that has mastered the art of remote brand building, share their top tips for creating a successful, sprawling business empire from the ground up.

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Lavall Chichester, Growth Skills’ founder and CEO, provides foundational insights into driving revenue and management. “You need revenue to grow any type of business,” he points out. Becoming an expert in your field is the best way to do this.” Lavall has led by example, showcasing his SEO and website development mastery through internal projects like Flavor Fix and client work for brands like Simply Business, and The Hip Hop Museum (THHM)

For scaling, Lavall suggests investing in like-minded experts. “If you have already mastered your craft, then hiring remote experts is one of the best ways to scale your ability to deliver for them and grow profits and margins.” On navigating the complexities of global operations, he adds, “One of the best things about running a remote business with a global footprint is our ability to have people in different time zones.”


Sofia, Bulgaria-based Tina Mangelova, Growth Skills’ Head of SEO & Content, focuses on culture and client delivery. “To thrive as a remote company, you have to define a healthy work culture for your company and discuss how you will measure it,” Tina advises, highlighting the crucial role of leadership in embodying the company’s values, especially in challenging times. 

She also underscores the importance of personal connections within the team. “I have weekly (or bi-weekly) meetings with everyone on my team, interns including, and I treat those meetings as the most important meetings on my weekly calendar.” When it comes to client service, she stresses, “You have to cultivate empathy for your client’s needs and the resources they have available for your workflows.”

Lamont Chichester, the Austin, Texas-based COO, delves into process and freelancing. He notes, “Clearly documented processes are the first step in the circle of growth that leads to a successful business built to last.” This approach fosters independence and confidence within the team, streamlining operations. 

Lamont advises freelancers seeking to stand out, “Standing out on those platforms isn’t easy, though. As part of your process working with individual clients, include a feedback portion at the end of each of your engagements.”

Andrei Ivanoff, Head of Design and Technology, offers his perspective on driving revenue and creativity. The Mexico City, Mexico-based Andrei emphasizes the importance of cultural understanding: “Because of the distance, you should utilize technology and data to understand your clients better, to improve relationships, and to exceed their expectations.” 

On leveraging technology in creative processes, he highlights, “Embracing Artificial Intelligence (AI) in service-based creative work is essential. At Growth Skills we use AI to optimize our different processes. By adopting a systematic approach to AI integration, we unlock new dimensions of artistic expression while preserving our individuality and artistic integrity.”

These insights from Growth Skills’s leadership paint a comprehensive picture for businesses aiming to carve out their remote empires. These strategies form the backbone of a successful remote business model, from honing expertise and leveraging global time zones to fostering a strong culture and embracing technological advancements. With this wisdom, enterprises can navigate the complexities of building a brand in the digital age.