Nothing makes an impression like driving up to a club in a high-end sports car and tossing the keys to the valet, except for getting dropped off by a formal concierge in a sleekly elegant luxury car. These are scenes you’ve seen on television or, more rarely, watched in passing on some evening, only to wonder who that person is and what they must do. If you’ve ever wanted to be the person making that impression, you might like to know that the keys you’re looking for could be more accessible than you think.

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Energetic Exotics is a rental, chauffeur, and concierge service based in Tampa that is expanding throughout the Bay area and beyond. Founders Marlon and Jessica Wentworth glimpsed the luxury lifestyle of Miami nightlife and decided they could make that more accessible to more people. Thanks to them, you don’t need to break the bank to purchase a high-end sports car, luxury vehicle, or even a yacht or private jet to have those things at your disposal.


It Began with Luxury Cars

Growing up in Miami, Marlon remembers watching fleets of luxury vehicles rolling around South Florida and wondering how he could bring that lifestyle to Tampa. He took the idea to Jessica, and a short time later, they were purchasing the first Maybach for what would eventually become their fleet of luxury vehicles and sports cars. At first, they were renting top-end cars. But Still, later, they would add chauffeur services, and now they’ve got the foothold and connections it takes to operate a full-scale concierge service that can provide high-end transportation for any event or daily need, even if what you need is a yacht or something, even more extravagant.


It’s About a Better Lifestyle

“Our distinctiveness lies in our meticulous attention to detail,” says Marlon “Offering comprehensive services that embody a lifestyle rather than mere rentals or chauffeur services.” When you rent a car or secure chauffeur services, you do much more than get from one place to another in style. You’re taking on a luxury experience that will take you to a different life, even for a little while. For the duration of the Energetic Exotics service, you enter a world where you’re the executive, and your potential is realized. As the Wentworths explained, “We pride ourselves on being an all-in-one company, providing an immersive experience beyond the ordinary.”

Becoming a Name in Luxury

Energetic Exotics is a company growing quickly and intends to keep growing to achieve nationwide reach. With satellite locations established throughout the Bay area, the Wentworths are poised to launch similar locations nationwide. Their goal is for the brand of Energetic Exotics to become synonymous with luxury experiences through rentals or their expanding suite of high-end concierge services.
After all, what their company provides is more than a mere service, nor even a glimpse at more extravagant living. Energetic Exotics guides its clients into a world where they can fully inhabit a luxury lifestyle, enjoying all the benefits of excellent, comprehensive concierge services. On the other hand, maybe all you want is a few hours in the sports car of your dreams, and they’re perfect for that, too.

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