On Friday’s episode of Ed Lover’s C’mon Son podcast entitled “DIddy Do It?” the Hip Hop living legend said that 50 Cent’s continuous trolling of Diddy amid his sexual misconduct allegations has become way over the top.

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“[A]s much as I love 50, I think 50 is stepping over the line now. I really do,” Lover said. 

The former Yo! MTV Raps host admitted that even though FIf’s jabs may be funny, even revealing that he has told his own Diddy jokes during the pending lawsuit, says that 50’s nonstop method of embarrassing Diddy has become way too much.


“He’s kicking the shit out this n-gga while he’s down,” Lover said.

Ed Lover also agreed with Uncle Luke’s take on Diddy’s situation; he’s being punished by liquor company Diageo, who cut ties with Diddy last year after he sued them for racial discrimination. “I believe what I just saw Uncle Luke say earlier today: that this is a machine coming after this dude,” Lover said. “I think it’s Diageo. Diageo is fucking powerful. They’re the second- or third-largest alcohol distribution company in the world … Puff all of sudden decides to sue them for racial discrimination. All of this shit comes out right after that.” He then added, “Somebody that got some money are putting their foot in Puff’s ass.”

Go to the 10-minute mark of the episode to hear Lover’s opinion about Diddy.