Court-mandated sobriety is doing Tiffany Haddish some good, even if it originally wasn’t her choice.

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Sober photographer Amanda de Cadenet recently interviewed Haddish on her podcast “The Conversation,” as reported by Page Six, and the Girls Trip and Night School star got candid about her sobriety, court ordered. S

he also discussed other issues including her fight with chronic endometriosis and even sexual assault from her past. “I’m used to people talking about their sobriety in a way that feels… some people are disingenuous and what I felt with Tiffany, was that she was very clear and grounded,” de Cadenet – who herself has been sober for 20 years said to Page Six.


“She (Tiffany) had great insights about herself during her period of time that she’s been sober [which is] not very long to have had all of those insights,” de Cadenet added.

Now if you take her word, Haddish told de Cadenet she has not “drank any alcohol, smoked any weed or anything in, like, 72 days,” at the time of the interview in March.

“It’s not that hard because it wasn’t really like my main thing anyway,” Haddish proclaimed. “You know what I found out my main thing is? Meat, chicken, beef… and candy,” she said.

Then de Cadenet asked Haddish if she considered herself a sober person, and Haddish replied: “I consider myself being obedient to the law. It’s court-mandated. Two years, I’ve been waiting for my hearing in Georgia, and what happened in LA triggered Georgia.” This refers to her 2022 and 2023 DUI arrests. Yes, she had two DUI arrests, but of course, “It wasn’t really” her main thing. 

Now, get this: Haddish said she only smoked weed to deal with her endometriosis. “When that was all taken away from me, it was like, ‘OK, let me try this whole vegan [thing]… I’m going to try raw vegan and see how that goes.” That can be understandable as cannabis is used to treat a plethora of medical conditions from chronic pain to depression to cancer.  But a source close to Haddish told Page Six that the comedian is “serious about her sobriety.” They added, “She’s… very into her health right now. She’s going through her changes and is doing amazing.” 

Well, hopefully, it sticks, and we would love for sobriety to be, like, her main thing. But she has to want that for herself.