Beyoncé wasn’t playing when it came to her drip at Monday’s iHeart Music Awards 2024. She wore a Versace all-leather Cowboy Carter-themed fit as she was on hand to receive the Innovator Award. Presenter Stevie Wonder gave the Renaissance diva the award, and she came on the stage wearing nothing short of a country chic outfit with vintage black leather.

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As Page Six reported, the Italian “fashion house’s iconic gold Medusa-logo hardware, cinched with a duo of blingy belts and finished with a cowboy hat.” Check out the pics below. The jackets had fringe trimming, and the matching pants were laced with studs.

beyonce versace iheart
beyonce versace iheart

Beyoncé didn’t stop there, as she was iced out. Page Six reports that her gear was topped off with double-row earrings from Zydo diamonds ($167,600) and a ring that costs around $19,000.


Act II: Cowboy Carter has been out since this past weekend, but Beyoncé has been rocking the cowboy look since early February around the Grammys, where she had a cowboy hat and Louis Vuitton to fit the occasion. 

What do you think of her look? Should she keep it for a while, or nah?