Nick Cannon and Abby De La Rosa’s family received heartfelt attention this week as they shared a personal update about their son Zillion Heir. Two years ago, the couple welcomed twins Zion Mixolydian & Zillion Heir, marking a joyous occasion. However, their recent announcement has highlighted a new aspect of their journey.

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Taking to Instagram, Nick Cannon penned a touching caption revealing that their son Zillion has been diagnosed on the Autism spectrum. In his post, Nick expressed gratitude for their son’s uniqueness, comparing him to some of history’s most dynamic individuals, including Niko Telsa, Sir Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein, and Michael Angelo.

Nick’s full caption reads: “Today our family recognizes World Autism Awareness Day, which is beyond meaningful to us because our amazing 2-year-old, Zillion, was recently diagnosed with ASD – joining the unique energy of others like Niko Telsa, Sir Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein, and Michael Angelo, just to name a few dynamic individuals. Our beautiful boy experiences life in 4D and teaches us something new every day! His love, strength, and brilliance light up every room he enters! We are blessed that God had placed such an amazing spirit under our guardianship and we have accepted this assignment wholeheartedly!”


Acknowledging the challenges faced by families with autism worldwide, Nick and Abby extended their embrace to others, championing understanding and compassion.

As the couple continues their journey of parenthood, their openness and advocacy for autism awareness serve as an inspiration to many families facing similar challenges.