Slick Rick will forever go down in history as one of the GOATs in Hip-Hop. Born in the UK before relocating to New York, Slick Rick is best known for being part of Doug E. Fresh & the Get Fresh Crew, eventually creating Hip-Hop classics such as “The Show” and “La Di Da Di.”

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Now, Slick Rick is making his mark in fashion as well. Most recently, the 59-year-old partnered with Pacsun to commemorate the first anniversary of Pacsun Los Angeles Tycoon on Roblox, offering a unique, one-of-a-kind virtual experience. With Slick Rick, best known for his unmatched storytelling as well as a fashion style, he’s able to bring his unique flair to the experience, bringing together his legacy of Hip-Hop with today’s metaverse.

Slick Rick states, “Collaborating with Roblox and Pacsun is a true honor. Together, we’re bridging generations, telling stories, pushing boundaries, and creating a vibrant virtual world where music intersects with technology, AI, and fashion. It’s a groundbreaking partnership that embodies the spirit of innovation and creativity that hip hop has always championed and a testament to the lasting impact and evolution of the culture,” said Slick Rick.


Richard Cox, VP of Men’s and Global Partnerships at Pacsun, adds, “Our digital community has been instrumental in shaping our presence on Roblox, and we wanted to bring them something special to celebrate the inaugural anniversary of Pacsun Los Angeles Tycoon. By integrating one of our fundamental pillars – music – into the fabric of our celebration and teaming up with a multi-platinum artist, Slick Rick, an icon synonymous with music, culture, and fashion, we’re delivering a fresh and exciting experience inside the virtual world and beyond.” 

With this immersive collaboration, users can interact with Slick Rick’s 3-D NPC digital avatar to earn digital items and rewards inspired by his personal accessories: a crown, an eye patch, and a flying saucer watch. Fans can even enhance their look by customizing their avatars with Slick Rick’s signature style. 

Additionally, Pacsun and Slick Rick launched a four-piece collection of limited-edition merchandise, available at Pacsun stores and online.

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