Rapper Soulja Boy finds himself embroiled in a legal battle with his ex-girlfriend, Nia Riley, after a default judgment ordering him to pay $10 million was issued last month. The judgment came as a result of Soulja Boy’s failure to appear in court, prompting him to fight back against the ruling, citing a lack of awareness of the proceedings.

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According to reports from Radar Online, Soulja Boy informed the judge that his busy touring schedule left him unaware of the developments in the lawsuit filed by his ex-girlfriend. Court documents reveal that Soulja Boy claimed he was not informed about the court’s decision to issue sanctions over his failure to attend a deposition in the case.

Nia Riley, Soulja Boy’s ex-girlfriend, previously requested $5 million for pain and suffering and an additional $5 million for emotional distress. Despite Soulja Boy’s absence from court proceedings, the judge allowed Riley to seek a default judgment against him while granting the rapper time to respond.


In a new motion filed by his new lawyer, Soulja Boy asserted that he was unaware of the recent developments in the case until he learned about them through the news. He explained that he had been without legal representation for a year and was touring extensively both in the United States and internationally during that time.

Soulja Boy stated that he had been in the process of interviewing new lawyers after his previous legal representation dropped out of the case. He claimed to have hired his new lawyer just last month. Additionally, Soulja Boy argued that he was not properly served with notice of the court hearings, further complicating his ability to respond effectively to the lawsuit.

As the legal battle continues, the judge has yet to rule on Soulja Boy’s plea to allow him to continue fighting the case.

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