The National Basketball Association (NBA) has announced a groundbreaking multiyear partnership with Kendall-Jackson Winery, marking the league’s inaugural official winery collaboration. As part of the deal, Kendall-Jackson becomes the Official Wine of the NBA and USA Basketball, while La Crema, a subsidiary of Jackson Family Wines, becomes the Official Wine of the Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA).

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This unprecedented agreement intertwines the realms of fine wine and basketball, spotlighting shared values of excellence and community between the brands. Kendall-Jackson, a renowned family-owned winery hailing from California, will curate elevated experiences for players, coaches, and fans, featuring wine tastings and educational initiatives to deepen appreciation for wine culture.

“We are thrilled to welcome Kendall-Jackson to the family as the NBA’s official wine partner and look forward to future collaborations across the broad portfolio of Jackson Family Wines brands,” said Julie Morris, NBA Senior Vice President of Commercial Development and Media. “This collaboration recognizes the dynamic interests of our players and fans and uniquely blends the culture of wine with the excitement of the game.”


“Our partnership with the NBA is a natural extension of our shared values and our commitment to embracing the evolving landscape of culture and taste,” said Chris Jackson, Co-Proprietor for Kendall-Jackson. “It’s about enriching the fan experience by blending the passion for the game with the artistry of winemaking. As we embark on this exciting journey together, we are setting the stage for a future where wine converges in unexpected and exhilarating ways.”

Among the highlights, Kendall-Jackson will headline the NBA Experiences Dinner Series, an exclusive fan engagement initiative during marquee league events. Moreover, the winery will co-host the NBA Con alongside the NBA 2K Summer League, enriching the fan experience with pop-up tasting rooms and interactive showcases.

This partnership, rooted in a shared commitment to community, originated during the NBA Restart in 2020 when Kendall-Jackson recognized the league’s burgeoning interest in wine culture amid the pandemic. Virtual tastings and educational sessions ensued, reinforcing bonds of camaraderie and shared experiences.

Notably, Kendall-Jackson will also headline USA Basketball’s 50th Anniversary event, aligning with its historical roots dating back to 1974. As part of Jackson Family Wines, Kendall-Jackson joins a prestigious global portfolio, which includes La Crema, the designated wine partner for the WNBA.

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