Canada is home to a slew of talented artists… and now, Kwazii inserts himself as a force to be reckoned with in the music industry.

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Hailing from Brampton, the rising star is here to leave his own mark in the city of Toronto and beyond. Fueled by strong wordplay and powerful lyricism, Kwazii has been putting in work, steadily making noise in the underground scene. His style has been compared to 90’s rap and R&B, creating his own version of trap music marked by his standout voice and melodies.

And with his grandfather being Leroy Sibbles, a reggae music icon, greatness has always been destined for Kwazii.


Today, Kwazii unveils the official music video for “LEAVING,” which serves as the lead single from his forthcoming mixtape titled I Was Perfect To Someone.

For those who don’t know, who is Kwazi?

I am a student of music from the West side of the greater Toronto area. Music is my passion, it’s something that I do very frequently and something that comes very easily to me. But it’s also something that is necessary for me, something that’s been around for my whole life. My goal in life is to create as many songs that people can associate with moments and memories as possible, because that’s what was offered for me.

How would you describe your sound?

I’d describe my sound as unique in terms of my vocal tone, and the sounds I choose to incorporate and select. What I use to produce as well. It’s a blend of everything that creates who I am. I was raised on music, so the music definitely incorporates through my character. It’s R&B, soulful trap. Anything that I say on a track, my heart’s behind it. It’s impactful music.

What inspired “Leaving”?

“Leaving” has a sample from a reggae artist named Bitty McLean’s “Walk Away From Love.” It’s something that I heard growing up a lot, especially at kickbacks and functions with the family. I wanted to incorporate that, tie my lineage into something that spoke about how I was feeling at the time. At the time, I was feeling like you know what, I’m at the top of this game at the place where I’m at. And for everybody who has a problem with it, I’ll leave the game without giving my best. It’s braggadocious, but also it’s something that’s very real to me. Very real to me.

What inspired the creative vision behind the video?

Skip the motion man. [laughs] Skip had a big part in tying the vision with the song, but I try to be very conscious. As a black man, it’s important to uplift the community. Iit has a lot of strong tones of revolution and just black power that I definitely resonate with and try to incorporate along my entire journey. I definitely see myself as somewhat of an activist.

What can we expect from our forthcoming mixtape, I Was Perfect To Someone?

It’s a reflection of me. Once again, it’s a memoir. I took a huge break in music I guess, from everybody’s point of view. It was a large pause in my consistency. But it was a growing period of time where I strengthened. I read a lot of books. I really locked into my artistry and tried to remove as many boundaries as possible. I Was Perfect To Someone is a reflection of that period of time. That growth period as well.

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