Radio personality and best-selling author Charlamagne said that God called DEI or Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion “mostly garbage” and said it’s pretty much “just corporate PR” the guest host on The Daily Show Wednesday. Yes, they keep casting him.

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The NY Post reported the Breakfast Club co-host slammed DEI initiatives as basically ineffective during his monologue that also made light of the programs that many corporations and organizations across the nation integrated in 2020 after the disgusting murder of George Floyd.

“The truth about DEI is that although it’s well-intentioned, it’s most garbage. OK? It’s kind of like the black Little Mermaid,” Said Charlamagne. “Just because racists hate it, doesn’t mean it’s good. “And you know I’m right because every one of you has sat through one of those diversity training sessions and thought, this is some bulls–t.”


He said, “I’m not surprised these programs didn’t work, and here’s why: It’s just corporate PR… They want good vibes.”

Then he said, “Real DEI is only going to come from black leadership,”

Unsurprisingly, the monologue received praise from some on the right, including Elon Musk, who shared footage from The Daily Show on his platform X (formerly Twitter) with a raising hands emoji. How cute. 

Charlamagne has criticized President Biden and former President Donald Trump, so don’t assume he’s just pandering to the right.

He recently said Trump is a threat to democracy on an ABC News interview while calling Biden an “uninspiring candidate.” In December, Charlamagne said that President Joe Biden should step aside to allow a different Democrat to run for president. So Trump is a threat to democracy, and Biden should call it quits. Pick a side, brother. 

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