CodeSwitch, a Black-owned agency renowned for championing underrepresented talents in music and technology, has unveiled AIRtool, an innovative Artist Invest Resource aimed at empowering indie artists and labels financially. Spearheaded by the agency’s esteemed founders, AIRtool represents a significant stride towards financial empowerment for independent artists.

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More than just a financial lifeline, AIRtool offers a revolutionary approach to funding, providing artists with a clear and equitable path to financing without the burden of compounded interest. By creating a self-sustaining ecosystem, CodeSwitch Agency is redefining the narrative of artistic success, ensuring that financial freedom and creative expression are intertwined.

With AIRtool, indie artists can access a revolving line of funding, breaking down barriers and opening up new opportunities for their creative endeavors. As a beacon of hope for the music industry, AIRtool signals a new era of empowerment and inclusivity, where artists of all backgrounds can thrive and succeed.


Referencing the launch, Jesse BrownFounder of CodeSwitch Agency, asserted, “As we embark on this transformative journey, it’s important to note that we’re not just launching a company; we’re igniting a revolutionary spark in the heart of the industry. With AIRtool, we’re not merely offering a financial tool; we’re crafting a future where creative freedom and financial empowerment converge, empowering artists and brands to narrate their unique stories on a global stage. This year, it’s exciting to reach a milestone that redefines the essence of artistic and brand success.”

J PrideCo-Founder of CodeSwitch Agency, exclaimed, “The success of this CODE initiative is directly tied to our ability to level the playing field for independent artists through leveraging back catalog while simultaneously executing label-level marketing, DSP support, and PR efforts for the life of the campaign.”

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