Lil Mosey is back releasing new music… and he’s turned a new leaf.

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The Seattle native is best known for his distinct melodies over trap beats, exploding onto the scene with a string of hits such as “Pull Up,” “Noticed,” and “Stuck In A Dream” featuring Gunna. But it was “Blueberry Faygo” that took the world by storm, to date accumulating over one billion streams and counting.


And while Mosey was previously signed to Interscope, he’s now an independent artist who’s able to freely drop music as he pleases. He recently signed a deal with Cinq Music Group via his own label called Love U Forever, most recently unveiling his newest song titled “Thug Popstar.”

The Source chatted with Lil Mosey in Los Angeles about how Meek Mill was the reason he fell in love with Hip-Hop.

What was the moment you fell in love with Hip-Hop?

The moment I fell in love with Hip-Hop, I was maybe nine, 10 years old. I had an iPod. I didn’t have any music on it, but it was one of those iPods where it was a phone. An iPod Touch, that’s what it’s called. My brother took it from me. I got it back three days later and there was the Meek Mill album: Dreams and Nightmares. That was the only thing on there, so I was like fuck it, I’ma listen to it. I was listening to it for a long time, front and back.

So it was Meek?

Yeah it was, shout out to Meek. 

How does he know?

Yeah, he definitely knows. I met him a few times.

Who is your Top 5 all time?

Top 5 is a pretty long list. I’ll throw Meek in there, definitely. I can’t act like he wasn’t a big part of my journey, but Iamsu.

No way! I’m from the Bay. 

Okay so the same time period where he put me on Meek Mill, my brother also put me on Iamsu. Those are the two people that he put me on with when I first started listening. HBK [Gang], all them. Those were my introductions. Definitely Iamsu and Meek Mill were definitely the first two people I really listened to. 

You got three more. It doesn’t have to be Hip-Hop, I know you’re listening to other music currently.

I’m listening to all types of shit. There’s a lot of people. I don’t really have specific people that okay, these are ones. I just have a bunch of people that okay, I like this song. I like those two songs that you just dropped. It’s kinda hard for me to answer.

On “Back Down Road,” you said you never really had a manager?

I mean, I had a manager. For a while, I was doing on my own though. The last three years, I was definitely doing a lot of shit on my own.

I personally love it when artists are vulnerable, I just appreciate it. What were you on recording this one? 

Right when I started the song, I said “let me put this shit in motion.” Because it’s time to get back in that mode. But recording the song, I was in that bag where I was getting things off my chest and talking my shit. It’s how I felt. I’m like, the world needs to hear that shit. The fans need to hear this shit. I wasn’t putting out that song thinking, we’re about to go on the radio with this shit. I really was like, these n*ggas need to hear me. Because they talking about “drop some rap shit, drop some shit,” Alright bet, I’m finna talk my shit real quick.

The cover art to “Life Goes On” has guitars, can you play?

I’m learning right now. I was taking some time to learn. I know a little bit, I don’t know too much, I’m not gonna say I’m a professional or anything.

Since you haven’t really been listening to rap, who are you listening to? Currently, because I know it changes.

Majority, I wasn’t listening to rap. I was listening to Kanye’s album. I listened to the new Carti shit. But other than that, I haven’t really been listening to rap. I was listening to a lot of alternative shit and a lot of different… just trying new shit. Because I was tired of that shit. But I just listened to Future’s album, I was fucking with it. I ain’t go lie, Carti’s been going crazy. Out of all these n*ggas, he’s been going the craziest. In my opinion.

Would you be down to collab with Olivia Rodrigo?

Yeah, of course. 

You posted recently “bounce back season,” what can we expect?

The best of the best. I’m trying to go as hard as possible. This year is the season for growth and winning, so we bouta take this shit by storm.

Any collabs we can look forward to?

I got a few in the works right now. I’m not gonna say too much, but expect something big fasho.

Anything else you want to let the people know?

“Thug Popstar” out now, we going up!

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