After a week of the internet and attendees alike talking about the Apollo Theater show, “Fat Joe And Friends,” which was a 20th-anniversary celebration of Fat Joe and the Terror Squad’s smash hit “Lean Back,” Joe Crack took to social media to talk about the once in a lifetime show that took place in what used to be his backyard and all of his friends that showed up and showed out to give fans in NYC a true Hip Hop and R&B show to remember.

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Joe didn’t leave anyone out of his shout-outs that came out to show love on stage, including Peter Gunz, who performed NYC anthem “Deja Vu,” Lil Kim and Mobb Deeps Havoc, who did their classic “Quiet Storm” remix, and of course all of the hits that came from both the Dipset and State Property camps respectively. The Terror Squad ensured he correctly acknowledged one of the kings of R&B, Keith Sweat.

“You know, D-boys when we was in the street in ’88, we was playing Keith Sweat. We wasn’t playin’ nothing else,” stressed Joe. He went on to mention a plethora of notables who graced the show with their presence, “Carmelo Anthony on the right, Mary J. Blige and Lorena(Joe’s wife)and Angie Martinez and Chrssy(Jim Jones’ wife)…they was dumbin’ out up there..”


Joe went on to praise all of the artists involved with the celebration and even shouted out the fallen rappers from all eras that we lost in the past, including Biggie, Tupac, Freaky Tah, Eazy-E, Big Pun, Big L, Prodigy, Heavy D, ODB and “all the giants in the crew.”

Joe hints that this may become an annual event, but nothing beats the original.