South Florida rap standout Kodak Black took to Instagram to talk about his road to recovery, telling his fans and followers that he’s back in the driver’s seat when it comes to his abuse of prescription pills, specifically the opiate Percocet.

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I remember a point in my life when I was chewing a lot of Percs,” he said. “Bro, I’m proud of myself. I’ve never been this happy in my life, bro. I don’t know where this came from, what the fuck going on. I ain’t even going to say I’m anti-Perc. Like, I never took a Perc since I been home. But bro, my dosage so low that I can’t believe it myself. Man, I’m telling y’all, bro.”

Yak added, “Before I just went to jail, bro, I was taking… I can talk about this because it’s my testimony. Bro, I’m hollering at y’all, ain’t no shame in my shit. I was taking, bro, at least 100 Percs. Bro, my average was 40 Percocets. I’m telling y’all this man. I ain’t know, to the point where I look at this shit and be like, what the fuck was wrong with me, bruh? I listen to my music and be like, bro, what the fuck, fam?”


Prescription drug overdoses are the third leading cause of all deaths in the United States and Europe, only second to heart disease and cancer.