The highly anticipated Xscape and SWV concert tour is back on track despite recent copyright disputes. Over the weekend, tensions arose as estranged Xscape lead singer LaTocha Scott made efforts to halt the tour by claiming sole ownership of the Xscape name, prompting cease and desist letters to producer Mona Scott-Young and concert promoter Live Nation.

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However, LaTocha’s sister, Tamika Harris, quickly intervened to clarify the situation, reminding her sibling that they co-own the copyright to the name Xscape and have equal rights to its use. In a bold move, Tamika took to Instagram to reassure fans and invite them to secure their tickets for the upcoming tour.

Tamika’s post, shared on Twitter, served as both a statement of solidarity and an invitation for fans to join in the celebration of sisterhood and R&B music. Despite the rumors and legal challenges, Tamika emphasized that the tour is proceeding as planned, reaffirming the group’s commitment to their loyal fanbase.


With Tamika’s resolute stance, the Xscape and SWV tour promises to deliver an unforgettable experience for fans of both iconic groups. As anticipation builds, supporters are eagerly awaiting the opportunity to witness these powerhouse acts unite on stage, showcasing their enduring talent and camaraderie.

The tour, featuring special guests Mya, Total, and 702, is set to be a highlight of the summer concert season, offering audiences a night filled with timeless hits and memorable performances.

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