We have a bit of insight into Drake’s thinking amid his current beef with Kendrick Lamar. Mal of the New Rory & Mal podcast says he visited Drake’s It’s All a Blur tour in Newark, NJ, and had a quick convo with The Boy backstage.

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“He might get mad at me for talking about it, but he know he my nigga,” Mal said. “I asked, ‘are you going to Dream[ville] Fest this weekend?’ and he gave me an answer that was kind of like, weird, Friday night hearing it but Sunday night made all the sense in the world.

He says, “‘I don’t know, should I? It’s weird right now. Are we performing the record. Can we ever perform First Person Shooter? He has to change the bar now. He has to shit on Kendrick. Are we going to shit on Kendrick everytime we perform the record? Nobdoy wants to hear us together unless we dissing Kendrick. That’s where we at right now.'”


Mal would go on to state how Kendrick and the world is looking for Drake to respond, Cole put out a “pillow fight” in “7 Minute Drill,” but may feel a way if Drake didn’t show.

Mal states the conversation came a hour after the Cole record dropped adding Drake said, “I don’t know if we should be seen together.”

You can hear the full details of the conversation beginning at the 15-minute mark.

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